Wine & Greene is a modern independent wine merchant. We've been online for a while, and we'll soon be opening a new bottle shop in our home of Totnes, south Devon.

We sell a carefully chosen selection of things we love to drink. Our range is an eclectic mix of hard-to-find European classics, and undervalued wines from under-the-radar places. We're especially interested in the wines of Greece.

A real wine-merchant's role, I have always believed, is to do a thorough sorting-out job ... that is, as to quality, character and value for money.Hugh Johnson, 1990
The placing of a son in a trade or profession is an anxious question with most parents; but I would urge upon all not to make a wine merchant of him T.G. Shaw, wine merchant, 1863

For ten years I worked in the London wine trade, selling (and sometimes drinking) the world's best wines. In 2018 I moved to the south Devon countryside and started Wine & Greene, a modern independent wine merchant. We do the old-fashioned job of an independent - finding and championing delicious, authentic wine - but we're a 21st century business. In November 2019, we'll be opening a shop in our adopted home town of Totnes. We're interested in wine that offers quality, character, and value for money. 

Ben Greene