Much as we love to champion (and drink) all manner of exciting new discoveries from Greece, Italy and indeed France, we always come back to Burgundy. There is nothing quite like Burgundy's spectrum of flavours: red wines with a potentially magical combination of fresh fruit and the farmyard, or in the case of the white wines, stony minerality overlaid with richness.

      Of course, there are good wines and not so good wines, exceptional wines with huge price tags, and always the potential for either triumph or disaster. Careful sourcing is tricky but essential. Over the last couple of weeks we've been putting together a small but perfectly formed parcel of both reds and whites of the sort of Burgundy we like to drink. They are all from what we call star growers in their appellations - quality-focused domaines striving to make the best possible wines they can from fine sites. There are some younger wines that are already delivering pure pleasure, some village-level wines with a bit of bottle age, and a handful of Premier Crus. In short, wines that for us represent the best of Burgundy to drink now, short of spending hundreds of pounds on a bottle.