The return of Comando G's 1er Rozas

In the Gredos mountains, outside Madrid, are remote, hidden vineyards. Here, Garnacha vines have been tended by the locals for generations, their fruit disappearing into simple thirst-quenching blends that passed almost everyone by. On a hunch that these old vines had the potential to make something special, Daniel Landi and Fernando Garcia made it their mission to seek them out. In 2008 they set up Comando G, acquiring small plots as they found them.

Spain is like a castle that has been closed for many years. We’re opening the doors and windows, and the world is discovering what treasures the castle has inside. Daniel Landi

The results have been sensational. In a relatively short time they have created some of the most sought-after wines in Spain, complete with their own invented hierarchy from village, to ‘Premier Cru’, to ‘Grand Cru’. The downside is that the wines have become increasingly difficult to get hold of. If we’re lucky we get a couple of bottles of some of the very expensive top wines each vintage, and last year we completely missed out on what is arguably the sweet spot in the range - the ‘Premier Cru’ Rozas.

Singular wines of extraordinary grace Dan Keeling, Noble Rot

The 2018 1er Rozas has just been released and we finally have it to offer again. It is half the price of the ‘Grand Cru’ wines but offers much of the quality. It is an ethereal, elegant wine inspired by the great Grenache wines of Château Rayas. It is subtle, balanced and not in any way overpowering. It is delicious already but has so much to offer if you can hang on to it for a few years.

Now available to pre-order, but as you might expect stocks are relatively limited. Don’t miss it this time around.