The lunar landscape of Lanzarote and a truly remarkable old vine red

The job we set ourselves at Wine & Greene is an ongoing search for authentic, interesting, artisan wine. But it is seldom that we discover something not only from a region completely new to us, but which delivers on everything we look for. This is what we have today, and it is not to be missed...

Lanzarote's lunar landscape is home to unique vineyards. The grey earth is covered with craters which are in fact hand-dug pits known as hoyos. At the bottom of each, a single vine is planted, allowing it to access the water below, protected from the Saharan wind sweeping the surface.

Our highest aim is to put inside a bottle one of the most startling vine-growing landscapes in the world, and to be happy in the process.Puro Rofe

It looks like one of the least likely prospects for successful viticulture, and yet the wines of Puro Rofe are not only novel (to us), but also amazingly complex and delicious.

Puro Rofe is a collaboration among local growers, led by Rayco Fernandez. Their red is 100% Listán Negro and the vines are very old - over 100 years in fact. In the winery, traditional local methods are used, including lagars, basket presses, and concrete vats plus some new clay amphorae. The result is a superb wine which has a lovely herbal aroma, some smoky minerality and an invigorating tang. That smokiness is the really distincive thing about it, and it somehow seems to evoke the landscape it comes from. It is subtle and endlessly intriguing - you just want another glass.

We have secured all we can of this wine, but that is only three cases. It's arriving next week. You're strongly advised to pre-order yours now.