Last of the old Barbacarlo

In Lombardy, somewhere south of Milan and surrounded by forest, is the vineyard of Barbacarlo. For many years it has been a well-kept secret, source of some of the finest old artisan wines in Italy, rarely seen for sale.

Lino Maga's family have been making wine here the same way for 100 years. That means about 400 cases each a year of Barbacarlo (a blend of Croatina, Uva Rara, and Vespolina) and Montebuono (the same but with some Barbera, from a less steep section of the vineyard). The wine is fermented in large old barrels, racked and then bottled unfiltered and unfined with no chemicals used. It is made to age in bottle, which it does - better than almost any great northern Italian wine bar perhaps a handful of top Barolos. It needs at least ten years.

We have in stock some of the last releases of old wine direct from Barbacarlo - they have all but run out. For lovers of old-school Italian red, it is one of the great wines of Italy, ranking alongside Emidio Pepe’s Montepulciano and other wines from top producers doing things the traditional way.