Ten year old red from Nusserhof, "one of the stars of Italy"

In the South Tyrol mountains, tucked away in Italy's extreme north, you will find the city of Bolzano. Right in the town itself, and increasingly surrounded by it, is the tiny Nusserhof estate. Since 1788, the Mayr family have worked this land, steadfastly producing traditional, local wines from native grape varieties. The story is remarkable, the wines unique, under-appreciated, and of star quality.

Nusserhof is one of the most remarkable estates I have ever visited. Located right in the center of Bolzano, it looks as if this bustling, growing city is literally going to gobble up the estate in any minute...Within the vineyards, all is calm. The fruit I tasted… is a testament to just how special this site is. And the wines? Well, they are pretty special, too…Nusserhof remains one of the stars not just of Alto Adige, but of Italy. Antonio Galloni

The main vineyard is just 2.4 hectares surrounding the family home. Farming is certified organic. In the cellar, fermentation is with wild yeasts, and the wines are aged for extended periods. Several wines are made, all from local grape varieties.

The flagship is the red, made from Lagrein. The vines for this wine range from 25 to 80 years old. It is aged in big French oak for 30 months, followed by two more years in bottle before release. With further cellaring it develops great harmony while retaining its bright cherry freshness. It ages very slowly and gracefully.

At ten years old, the 2012 is drinking beautifully, a wine with a real savoury, chewy, dry cherry flavour, made for the table. There are 60 bottles left.

But wait, there's more...

Blaterle 2018 is a white made from a vanishingly rare grape variety. Nusserhof is pretty well the only producer left making this wine. The 2018 is very dry, with a Manzanilla-like saline quality offset by a lovely note of ripe stone fruit.

Lagrein Kretzer 2015 is a rosato made from Lagrein. This is a serious, Bandol-like rosé with lovely cherry fruit and the structure of a light red. It develops increasing complexity with bottle age. The 2015 is one of the best rosé wines I've tasted and is drinking beautifully now.

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