Susucaru 2020 release from Frank Cornelissen

"The first time you tilt a glass of the 2019 Susucaru", pondered Eric Guido of Vinous on the previous vintage of today's wine, "you can’t help but take a step back and ponder if this is wine or the freshest glass of pure cherry-berry juice that you’ve ever encountered." That's why I and many others look forward to the release of Frank Cornelissen's entry-level red every summer. Its wild strawberry/cherry flavour is backed up by some real energy that can only come from a meticulous focus on quality at every stage. This is a joyous, authentic wine from master in the art of low intervention winemaking.

Frank Cornelissen makes wine in the simplest possible way, which is also the most difficult. He strives to avoid every unnecessary intervention in both vineyard and winery, and he does this without the wines ever losing their precision and control. They are very skilfully made. He makes a wide range from different plots, and all are outstanding, but the one you need to snap up while you can is the entry-level Susucaru (previously known as Contadino, a field blend of 85% Nerello Mascalese with other local varieties). This sells out on release and offers great value for a wine of its class. It provides an introduction to Frank's style, is ready to drink immediately, and is both idiosyncratic and unbelievably delicious.

The 2020 vintage doesn't disappoint. It's wonderfully juicy, delicious served slightly chilled, and yet with some serious energy. Pre-order online today to secure yours.