Rosé in October? The world's greatest is back in stock

Our allocation of "the world's greatest rosé" (thanks to Robert Parker for that quote) was supposed to arrive in April, but what with one thing and another it has only just landed in stock. But actually, perhaps this really is a case of better late than, well, on time, because it always gives of its best with at least a few months in bottle. When it first comes out of course it's wonderful and it suits the weather, but it does have a certain edge which softens with time. It is drinking absolutely beautifully at the moment.

Of course, part of the reason this wine is the benchmark all Provence rosé should aspire to is that it can and will improve if kept even longer. It is already more complex and satisfying than almost any of its peers, but we've tasted examples with ten or more years behind them which are just superb.

As well as bottles, we have a few magnums. Grab them while you can.