"One of the best white wines in the world"

“I hate German Riesling, apart from Koehler-Ruprecht Auslese Trocken ‘R’. That’s one of the best white wines in the world”. That's what legendary Mount Etna winemaker Frank Cornellisen once told Noble Rot, and if that's what Frank says...

Koehler-Ruprecht is a historic estate in the Pfalz region of Germany. Founded in the 1700s, they built a reputation for making dry Riesling long before it was fashionable. The jewel in their crown is four hectares of the 200 year old Grand Cru vineyard known as Saumagen. From these old Riesling vines they make various dry wines classified according to ripeness.

All are rare, but the Auslese 'R' (reserve) is especially so. Made in tiny quantities, it is held back for years before release when it is finally considered ready to drink.

There are just twelve bottles of the 2009 vintage left available to us. We'll be ordering what we need in shortly, so if you'd like to put your name down for some, email back today and we'll allocate it according to demand.