Old vine Garnacha and a disembodied head

Have you ever heard of a 1970s cartoon called Battle of the Planets? Nor had I, until today, when I looked it up on Wikipedia in the course of researching some seriously good wine. Here's a flavour of the article:

Zoltar would receive his orders directly from a being he would refer to as the "Luminous One". The Luminous One would appear as a ghost-like, disembodied, floating head. Who, or what this being actually was, is never explained in any detail throughout the series.

Whether Fernando Garcia and Daniel Gomez Jiménez-Landi receive winemaking instructions from a disembodied floating head (if so, keep up the good work Luminous One) or not, when they were casting around for a name for their new wine project they chose Comando G. - the Spanish version of Battle of the Planets. The 'G' could stand for 'Garnacha' or 'Gredos' - because that's their thing. They make wine only from very old Garnacha vineyards in the Sierra de Gredos - the mountains around Madrid. These tiny vineyards are remote, high up, and difficult to work. For decades, when the grapes were being sold for a pittance to the local co-op, they were kept alive by dedicated locals, unknown to the outside world.

It's a different story now. A handful of small artisan producers, led by Comando G., have dedicated themselves to seeking out these hidden vineyards and making their extraordinary wines. Taking inspiration from Burgundy, the wines are ethereal and elegant, with soaring, pure strawberry fruit flavours and great complexity. They are some of the most delicious and exciting wines being made anywhere.

One half of the project, Daniel Gomez Jiménez-Landi, also makes other wines from similar vineyards under his own name. They are equally remarkable, but equally scarce. We have a small quantity of a few of the wines available now.