Old, Odd And Interesting Bottles August 2022

Hello and welcome to the latest in our occasional and ever popular series of emails featuring oddities, rarities, and mature bottles which individually are only available in tiny quantities, but which collectively will hopefully be enough to satisfy all who are curious. It's our way of ensuring some of our most interesting finds make it on to these virtual pages.

We have no more than six bottles of any of these wines and it's first come, first served.


Ruschi Noceti 2008 Val di Magra 'La Costa'
A delicate, soft red from the local Ligurian grape variety Póllera, with fourteen years of age behind it.

Le Soula 2013 Rouge
The Le Soula wines are among Roussillon's finest - from old, high altitude vines. This mature red is drinking perfectly.

JF Ganevat 2020 Cuvée Madelon
This and the bottle below are all that remains of this year's tiny allocation of wines from Jura's most sought after producer.

JF Ganevat 2019 La Croix des Batailles
The other bottle of Ganevat we have. One of the most requested and difficult to get-hold-of producers on our list.

Envínate 2020 Lousas Parcela Seoane
A top cuvée from the excellent, innovative Envínate. This is Ribeira Sacra at its best and most elegant. From a 60 year old vineyard.

Tempier 2012 Bandol 'La Migoua’
A couple of fully mature bottles of one Tempier's great single vineyard Bandols.

ARPEPE 2013 Valtellina Rosso Superiore Sassella Riserva 'Ultimi Raggi'
Alpine Nebbiolo from Valtellina. This is ARPEPE's version of the local 'sforzato' style, traditionally made by drying the grapes. In this case, this takes place on the vine.

Château Bel Air Marquis d’Aligre 2005 Margaux
One of the oldest of the old-school producers left in Bordeaux. Only released when fully mature, having undergone long ageing in cement vats.

Barbacarlo 2005
A truly eccentric wine estate in Lombardy. The wines have been made in the same way for decades - in a rustic, traditional style, bottled before fermentation has finished. Long ageing tames something of the wildness, but not all.

Peyre Rose 2006 Syrah Léone
Huge Labguedoc red that nevertheless retains elegance and freshness. The wines are aged for extended periods in the cellar before deemed ready for release.

Frank Cornelissen Munjebel Rosso P1 'Perpetuum'
This is Frank Cornelissen's seldom-seen solera wine. P1 incorporates vintages of Munjebel from 2015 to 2019. Extraordinary stuff.

Il Paradiso di Manfredi 2013 Brunello di Montalcino
One of our very favourite Tuscan producers makes an exceptional Brunello. The 2013 is elegant, refined and delicious now.


Goisot 2020 Saint-Bris Exogyra Virgula
From only appellation in Burgundy for Sauvignon Blanc. Somewhere between Chablis and Sancerre in style.

Emmerich Knoll 2018 Loibner Grüner Veltliner Federspiel 'Ried Trum'
Grüner Veltliner from one of Austria's most renowned estates.

Edi Kante 2015 Vitovska
From one of the best producers in Friuli, a dry white with so much depth and minerality. Capable of even longer ageing but delicious now.

Tempier 2015 Bandol Blanc
Unjustly overlooked in favour of the red, Tempier's Bandol Blanc is a deeply flavoured, full-bodied wine. The 2015 has matured beautifully.

Roagna 2015 Derthona Timorasso 'Montemarzino'
Roagna's Timorasso is surely a future classic. A distinctive, complex example of this rare grape variety from a master.

Château d'Arlay 2014 Côtes du Jura Vin Jaune (62cl)
Jura's famous Vin Jaune is becoming more difficult to source with each passing vintage. This 2014 from Chateau d'Arlay has all the sherry-like oxidative complexity beloved by its fans.