New releases from Tempier - the embodiment of Bandol

Domaine Tempier is the embodiment of Bandol. That's no surprise when you learn that they largely (re-)invented it. When Lucien Peyraud took over the estate in 1936 he led the campaign to have Bandol awarded its own appellation, at the same time ensuring that the local grape variety, Mourvèdre, was at its heart. Mourvèdre, which at the time was slowly being replaced, made a was rapidly revived, and the uniqueness of Bandol - its powerful, structured red wines baked in the Provençal sun - was set.

Tempier's reds are now iconic, and they are worthy benchmarks for Bandol. As well as the classic cuvée, they make three single vineyard wines which each express a subtly different character. At the same time, they have a lot in common. All are powerful reds which could be cellared for many years, but they also have a bold, upfront fresh fruit to them which makes them immediately appealing. Served with something garlickly grilled in the sun they are just perfection.

We have just received a small allocation of three of the 2016 wines. They are:

Tempier 2016 Bandol
Tempier's principle wine is their classic rendition of Mourvèdre (75%), complemented by some Grenache, Cinsault and Carignan. Old vine power and elegance combined.

Tempier 2016 Bandol La Tourtine
With 80% Mourvèdre in the blend, the La Tourtine vineyard produces Tempier's most powerful, structured red, with a gorgeous fresh fruit character.

Tempier 2016 Bandol La Migoua
La Migoua is the highest altitude vineyard and also has the least Mourvèdre at 50%. The wine is softer than La Tourtine, with more of an earthy, gamey quality.

All of these wines are beautiful examples of Bandol and its iconic producer. We have a couple of cases of each available online now and it's first come, first served.