New harvest Mani olive oil

If you've been waiting for news of a fresh shipment of olive oil from the Mani, the wait is over. What with one thing and another it has taken us a little longer to arrange things this year, but we have at last secured a fresh batch of oil from an excellent grower. This is expected to arrive in April. If you would like some, you need to pre-order now.

But first, I should explain a change from this harvest to previous years. This oil comes from a different, nearby producer, Nico and Katerina Psaltiras. They are based in the village of Kambos Avias where, just like our usual grower, they hand-harvest Koroneki olives from their family olive trees, and gently extract their oil. Apart from being from a different site, this oil also has a few advantages. First, they allow it to rest for two months in tank, so the heaviest of the sediment settles out naturally. It is then canned by hand, unfiltered, with less of the sediment but all of the flavour. In addition, they also produce 500ml bottles, allowing the option of a smaller container for those who don't feel able to get through 5l cans.

In terms of flavour, the Psaltiras oil is subtly different to our usual source - a little denser and more peppery perhaps. The quality is just as good.

This oil is from the new 2020/2021 harvest and is due to leave Greece shortly. Pre-order now and it will be delivered to you once it arrives in April.