New arrivals from Etna's Frank Cornelissen

Minimal intervention is the buzzword of the moment in the wine world, but few take it to such extremes as Frank Cornelissen. In his extraordinary vineyards on Mount Etna he not only eschews synthetic treatments, but also any organic or biodynamic preparations as well. The only interventions he is comfortable with involve hard pruning and green harvesting, to keep yields low and make wines that concentrate the character of an individual site. In the cellar, the wines are left pretty much to do their own thing. You won't find any lab yeasts or sulphur here. The wines are the closest thing to 'natural' it's possible to get.

The raw ingredient for these powerful yet lively, fresh wines is old vine fruit from local varieties, principally Nerello Mascalese. The intensity of this fruit shines powerfully through, with some of the top wines reaching 15%+ alcohol, but never appearing unbalanced.

We have a small selection of these unique, wild wines in stock and ready to go.

Frank Cornelissen 2020 Susucaru Rosato

Susucaru Rosato is the rosé version of Frank's deliciously drinkable entry-level range. It's really halfway between a rosé and a light red, being an extremely refreshing summer wine but with real depth of flavour and impeccable balance. A blend of both red and white varieties - Malvasia, Moscadella, Insolia and Nerello Mascalese - it is juicy and buzzing with energy.

Frank Cornelissen 2019 Munjebel Bianco

Frank's main white wine is a 50-50 blend of Grecanico Dorato (otherwise known as Garganega, the grape of Soave) and Carricante from 40 year old vines. Complex, appley wine that reveals many layers of complexity with time in the glass.

Frank Cornelissen 2020 Munjebel Rosso AND Frank Cornelissen 2017 Munjebel Rosso (half-bottle)

Munjebel Red is Frank's flagship wine, made from Nerello Mascalese grown in various different vineyards. Frank describes it as his vision of a traditional, balanced and rich Northern Valley Etna wine. We also have bottles of the 2020, the latest release, as well as some 2017 halves which have developed some serious complexity.

Frank Cornelissen 2017 Munjebel Rosso CS

Frank's single vineyard Munjebel reds are differentiated by two letter codes at the end of the name. The best are VA and CS. CS stands for Chiusa Spagnolo, a particular section of the Zottorinoto contrada. The vines are almost 100 years old and produce a more tannic, Nebbiolo-like style of wine.

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