Natural wonders - Mas Coutelou

I have been debating whether or not to use the term 'natural' to describe the wines in today's newsletter. Given that they are made by a leading light of the natural wine movement I suppose it is unavoidable, but I do know that a number of you are put off by the word and I want to urge you not to let it stop you trying these truly wonderful wines. 'Natural wine' encompasses a broad spectrum of quality, and the wines of Mas Coutelou are only 'natural' in the best possible sense. They are bursting with pure, fresh fruit flavour - delicious, high quality wines for both natural enthusiasts and sceptics. They were sensations, picking up rave reviews (check for examples) and repeatedly selling out when they were last seen in the UK a few years ago. It's been too long, but at last we can welcome them back. Don't miss them! 

Mas Coutelou has been in the same family for four generations, but for most of that time the way of working and the wines were unremarkable. Then, in 1987, Jean-François (Jeff) Coutelou set out on a revolutionary path, and over the subsequent decades completely reinvented the domaine. Today, Mas Coutelou is a leading light in the natural wine world, making some of the purest wines you'll ever taste, and Jeff is a model for conscientious, thoughtful vignerons everywhere.

We have a good selection in stock. There is a house style running through them, but I couldn't pick one particular wine above the rest and for the best experience I would recommend mixing up a case. You can read the full story and see browse the wines on our Mas Coutelou page.