Mature parcel of traditional Nebbiolo from Gattinara

Mature Nebbiolo is one of wine's great experiences. But look in the most obvious places - Barolo, for instance - and for the best examples you'll be paying a fortune, if you can get them at all. But further north, in Alto-Piemonte, is a cluster of appellations where very fine, traditional Nebbiolo has been made for well over a hundred years.

Gattinara is probably the best-known of these appellations. About 75 miles northeast of Barolo and rich in volcanic soil, in the right hands the land here is capable of producing serious, soulful, long-lived Nebbiolo.

Brothers Marco & Giancarlo Petterino are the owners of a tiny 2.5 hectare estate. Farming is organic, although they don't go in for certification for such a small plot, and winemaking traditional. Initial ageing takes place in large old oak casks for three years, then the wine is clarified naturally before bottling. Further long ageing takes place in bottle. The wines are only released when deemed ready, usually about ten years from harvest.

Their 2010 Gattinara is a glorious, mature Nebbiolo. It has a floral aroma, rich cherry fruit, fine tannins and mouthwatering freshness. Complete and balanced, it is drinking beautifully now, but there is no rush. A rare find and a special wine.

We have a couple of cases in stock now, with a few more available to pre-order. When it's gone - it's gone...