Here's to good wine and better times

Good wine and the joy it brings is the one thing we have to offer in trying times. We will continue to do that for our customers as best we can. That means we're still here, and we have a beautiful wine to tell you about shortly which is just the thing for right now. But first, we'd like to sincerely thank anyone supporting us by placing an online order. We are a small, independent business, as are many of our suppliers and producers, and we are all hugely grateful. With people like you behind us and a bit of luck we hope to be able to keep bringing you the wines we all love.

And speaking of wine we love...

Antonio Vallana e Figlio was formally established in 1937, but they trace their winemaking history back to the late 18th century. Whichever way you look at it, they have made wine through their fair share of crises, and no doubt when the present moment has passed they will go on.

Which is good - because their wine is wonderful. In their particular part of Piedmont the Nebbiolo grape variety is known as Spanna. It is planted on steep, wooded hillsides and cared for by hand. In the winery, it is traditionally made, aged in large wood barrels as it has been for generations.

We have a small parcel of the 2015 vintage in the UK with our name on it. We are having it delivered here next week and it is drinking beautifully. It is packed with concentrated dark cherry flavours, its richness offset by fine tannins and lovely freshness. You could keep it for at least five years but when we drank it a couple of weeks ago it was remarkably delicious. For whatever reason, it seems to be having a moment right now.

Very best wishes to you all. Here's to good wine and better times!

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