A lesson in balance from Sicily

Greetings from Devon, where everyone else has gone to the beach, but we're quite happy sitting here rediscovering the joys of rosé. And if you think of rosé as a straightforward, uncomplicated wine, you need to try this. It is Vino di Anna's Jeudi 15 Rosato. In terms of balance, texture and finesse, it is quite simply a world-class wine. And it isn't only us that think so:

Probably one of the very best rosés I’ve ever tried. Such a multi-dimensional wine. Jamie Goode

That's a quote from a spot-on video review posted by Jamie Goode, which does a great job of explaining why this is such an impressive wine.

Vino di Anna is a small family estate, situated on Mount Etna's north face. The Jeudi 15 vineyard sits 800m above sea level, and consists of bush vines that are around 100 years old. In cool years the grapes struggle to reach full ripeness, so a portion is harvested early and made into rosato.

A natural wine, fermented with wild yeasts and bottled with no added sulphur, it has amazing poise. On the palate, there is a slight spritz, lovely freshness, a subtle tannic grip and a surprising softness that make the whole beautifully harmonious. It is the definition of perfect balance.

We have a little in stock already and more on the way. It offers so much more than the vast majority of rosé. And, indeed, the vast majority of crowded beaches.